Do you use outside caregivers?

No. Our caregivers are our employees. We pay them and we manage their training, benefits, tax issues and accountability. You can relax knowing that they are working legally with proven skill and accountability to Homecare Choices.

Have your caregivers undergone background checks?

Yes. We conduct thorough background checks. Before we place a care worker in your home, we perform a thorough investigation to ensure legal U.S. residency, obtain criminal record history, and confirm education and good character.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have all appropriate insurance. Homecare Choices is part of a large nonprofit organization with robust insurance coverage that protects you and covers against workers' compensation, automobile incidents and other risks.

What kind of training do you provide your caregivers?

We train staff continuously. Our staff choose to serve others for a living. We recruit to identify professionals and para-professionals with a passion for service and our mission. Many of them have years of training and we add to that before they begin serving our clients. Ongoing training continues for every member of our team.

How are your caregivers supervised?

Our supervision exceeds requirements. We believe that everyone needs support and encouragement to be their best. We rely on a skilled and experienced team of care managers to define care, deliver training and care supervision and ask the tough questions along the way. They supervise at our office and they come to your home to be sure that caregivers are following the plan you created. We rely on case management and careful oversight of service plans to be sure we are getting it right.

What if I need something after regular business hours?

We are never off the clock. Our availability to you spans 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You will have contact details for your case manager and we respond to problems and concerns as they arise using an answering service to get a rapid response during non-business hours.

How do you know what your caregivers are doing when they are in my home?

Homecare Choices has invested in the best technology available to give you the best customer experience possible. Our care management software lets us know when your care provider arrives at your home and when they leave. It provides them with a detailed list of duties and tells us whether those tasks were completed as requested by you.

How do you bill for your services?

Billing and payment is simple. We use our technology platform to confirm that services are delivered as scheduled and we provide you with detailed reports that confirm services were provided according to your plan and requests.

What if I need a service that you don't provide?

If we don’t offer it, we’ll find it. We provide many services ourselves but we are dedicated to helping you achieve the quality of life that you want. If we don’t deliver a service that you need, we will use our network of trusted partners to find the resource for the job. In many cases, we can manage the outside provider for you to be sure that you get the job done with ease and convenience.

What are the costs of your home care services?

Every family we serve receives a customized service plan specific to their needs and budget. Several factors help to determine the exact cost:

  • Number of hours of care per week
  • Level of home care services received (non-medical, skilled nursing, etc.)
  • Location where services are provided

Our home care services are typically billed on an hourly basis, making it easier for you to select the level of care that meets your needs and budget. To discuss the exact rates for the services you may need, contact our office. We’ll set up a free, in-home consultation to begin discussing a plan and rates for each service you require.

We always provide a written rate sheet prior to initiating services. Rates will never be increased without at least thirty days notice.

You don't have to wait for an emergency to consider making Homecare Choices your partner.

Use our free planning guide to identify your needs, concerns and priorities, then contact us to see how we can help.

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