Homecare Choices Combines Forces With Care… From the Heart

Homecare Choices Executive Director Peter Carey with NAFI Chief Operating Officer Hildy Paris, left, Rachael Hicks, to his right, and her daughter, Janez Hicks-Ruzzo.
Homecare Choices Executive Director Peter Carey with NAFI Chief Operating Officer Hildy Paris, left, Rachael Hicks, to his right, and her daughter, Janez Hicks-Ruzzo.

One of our dedicated, compassionate caregivers, Liz, once took the initiative to obtain permission to bring her chihuahua to visit a client who loved animals. Another caregiver, Melissa, agreed to stay overnight at a client’s home in order to drive her to Logan Airport at 3 a.m. for an early flight to visit her son in California.

Flexibility, advocacy, and availability are among the most important values behind our mission, as the examples above reflect.

When Homecare Choices was founded in 2016 by the North American Family Institute (NAFI), our goal was to offer a new level of quality to Cape Cod residents wishing to remain happily and safely at home, on their own terms.

NAFI’s 46 years of experience supporting individuals and families with a range of helping services provided a solid foundation and network of resources to ensure we would thrive as a private nonprofit human services agency—and we have.

Cape Cod was the perfect place to help make a difference. Under-served in terms of personal home care, the Cape is a magical, pretty place by the sea where people come to retire, though the population of aging residents who need care is often under-resourced.

It wasn’t long before we connected with Care… From the Heart, another home care agency on the Cape; our offices were just eight miles apart.

Care… From the Heart co-owners Rachael Hicks and Janez Hicks-Ruzzo ran their agency with passion and dedication, and we quickly discovered we had a common mission, common values, and a shared sense of loyalty to our staff.

Rachael, who gained invaluable experience from decades of work in care, and Homecare Choices Executive Director Peter Carey shared the same vision for improving and expanding services for seniors and other home care clients on the Cape. They developed a collegial relationship and, soon enough, Rachel began referring new clients to Homecare Choices.

Before long, it also became apparent that combining forces would be the optimal way of enhancing our shared mission. So, as of January 1, 2020, Care… From the Heart officially became part of Homecare Choices.

Homecare Choices has joined forces with Care... From the Heart

Rachael and Janez remained on board, with Rachael serving as our Founding Director until she retired at the end of 2020.

Rachael shared her experience, exacting standards and integrity with the larger combined team, and was a valued mentor as we worked together to enhance our ability to provide the highest level of care for clients, expand our geographic reach and add resources to support our staff. Staff who work more than 30 hours per week, for example, have access to health, dental, and life insurance, as well as tuition reimbursement.

The benefits of the union between Homecare Choices and Care… From the Heart are reflected in our growing collection of testimonials from both clients and staff.

“Seeing a client’s quality of life improve because you’re there with them is very rewarding,” says our caregiver Connie, adding, “Peter’s always available to talk, always willing to work with you, and available to discuss anything that comes up.”

“You have an opportunity in home care to stretch yourself and do more than you would in a nursing home setting or hospital setting,” Marilyn says. “In home care the client is driving the bus and you can be there for them. You develop a level of trust that I didn’t find in nursing homes.”

As for the clients, one declares: “Thank goodness for these people….wonderful, professional and caring.”

“It makes it possible for me to maintain my independence,” says another. “I can’t believe how excellent the whole thing has been.”

“When I was gone and they were taking care of her, she was happy,” the son of another client says. “She was just happy. I saw how she was with them and she felt good. That put me at ease. Everything they did for her was really good.”

We hope you’ll join us as we continue this exciting journey together—as a client, a caregiver, a referral partner, or a friend in the community. Together, we can improve the quality of life for seniors on Cape Cod.

Our main office is located at 25 Lakeview Drive in Sandwich. Anyone seeking additional information on our mission or services may contact Peter Carey by phone at  508-313-2529, or by email at petercarey@homecarechoices.com.

Those interested in becoming involved with Homecare Choices may call the office or click the link to apply.


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