After Surgery, a Caregiver Is a Bridge Back to Independence

home care, South Yarmouth, Mass.Louise still drives at 77 and has been very active—until back surgery slowed her down enough that she considered the possibility of having to move into an assisted living facility.

Now, however, she’s looking forward to enjoying many more years at home in South Yarmouth, Mass., the haven she chose after her husband died while they were living in California.

What changed? Louise’s recovery progressed and her outlook changed with the arrival of Dawn, a caregiver provided by Homecare Choices.

“After the surgery I was pretty helpless,” Louise says. “I didn’t know how I would be able to manage, but Dawn has been very helpful.”

It’s often the simple things that determine the difference between seniors maintaining their preferred lifestyles and quality of life at home, or having to alter, and often diminish, their living arrangements.

Dawn visits and assists Louise from 12:30 to 3:30 each Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Her tasks aren’t rigorous, but for Louise they add up to “just about everything I need done.”

  • Helping with laundry
  • Food preparation
  • Running errands
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Cleaning up the kitchen
  • Loading and emptying the dishwasher
  • Keeping an ear out when Louise showers
  • Reminding Louise to use her walker
  • Devising a good way to manage medications
  • Changing the bed
  • Cleaning the cat’s litter box

Nothing profound—except for the life-changing positive impact.

“It makes it possible for me to maintain my independence,” Louise says of Dawn’s assistance over the past six weeks. Now transitioning back to greater independence is a “very hopeful situation.”

Louise also appreciates that Dawn is dependable and responsible, and values the articulate company she provides.

“I can’t believe how excellent the whole thing has been,” says Louise, who connected with Homecare Choices indirectly through a handyman who takes care of chores for her. Knowing her situation after back surgery, he mentioned that a parishioner at his church worked in the caregiving field.

It turned out to be Britt Skinner, Director of Care Coordination for Homecare Choices.

Potential clients who want to learn more about Homecare Choices and its services may reach out to Executive Director Peter Carey by phone at 508-313-2529, or by email at There’s also a contact form on the website and free consultations are offered.