Caregivers on the Benefits of Working for Homecare Choices

Homecare Choices is seeking caregivers on Cape Cod.The caregivers of Homecare Choices and Care… From the Heart, which joined forces in January, highlight the same powerful factor when asked about job satisfaction—“just knowing at the end of every day that you’ve made a difference for someone,” as Marilyn puts it.

“Seeing a client’s quality of life improve because you’re there with them is very rewarding,” adds Connie. “I love to sit and talk with clients. Some people have traveled all over the place and have great stories,” Nancy elaborates.

As Homecare Choices seeks to hire additional senior care staff to meet an increasing demand for specialized senior care on Cape Cod, we turned to some of our caregivers for their thoughts on what makes the job so rewarding.

They cite pay and benefits that seem particularly competitive considering the work is rewarding, and emphasized that amid COVID-19 coronavirus fears, providing in-home senior care is safer than comparable work in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

“Even with all of this COVID-19, I have felt perfectly safe because I know my client and she is taking care of things on her end,” Marilyn explains. “She is washing hands and wiping down the surfaces, so neither one of us is being exposed to anything.”

“They always make sure there are masks and gloves in the homes you go into,” Nancy says of Homecare Choices, pointing out that clients who have been hospitalized are carefully screened before they come home.

Liz, who has been with Homecare Choices for nearly three of her six years as a caregiver, says the agency does more positive things than others in many ways.

It begins with a starting wage of $16 an hour and meaningful incentives for staff working a regular schedule of more than 30 hours per week—like health, dental, and life insurance. There is a retirement savings option, and the possibility of tuition reimbursement enabling a dedicated caregiver to become a CNA with the help of Homecare Choices.

‘They take the time to match me up with somebody who appreciates me.’

“Homecare Choices is very flexible with scheduling and considers your preferences,” Liz says of another benefit. “I generally only work during the week, and [Executive Director] Peter Carey always tries to find caregiving situations that work for you.”Homecare Choices expert senior care on Cape Cod

“Some people you see once a week and do minimal things. Other people you see five days a week,” Marilyn adds. “Peter is very good about connecting you with a situation that’s the right fit.”

“They take the time to match me up with somebody who appreciates me,” Connie agrees.

“Peter’s always available to talk, always willing to work with you, and available to discuss anything,” Connie adds. Nancy also mentions the valuable support system provided by Peter and the care management team.

In addition to providing a safer environment than a nursing home or assisted living facility, home care offers greater fulfillment to caregivers in other ways, according to Marilyn, who has 25 years of experience.

“You have an opportunity in home care to stretch yourself and do more than you would in a nursing home setting or hospital setting,” she says. “In home care the client is driving the bus and you can be there for them. You develop a level of trust that I didn’t find in nursing homes.”

‘It really is rewarding to be helping people on a daily basis.’

Marilyn, who also has experience with hospice care, says providing client-centered senior care has given her the most joy among her varied pursuits. “You cannot give personal care and go into someone’s home without really connecting with them,” she says. “You get back so much more than you invest.”

“It really is rewarding to be helping people on a daily basis,” Nancy says, while Marilyn echoes the sentiments of fellow caregivers in saying the best relationships are like becoming part of the family.

That may happen in part because Homecare Choices “really goes above and beyond to help people,” Nancy says. “They do things in a regular job situation I don’t think other people do.”

“We do more than other agencies,” agrees Liz, who received permission to bring her dog to visit a pet-loving client, Pat, which added another positive dimension to the in-home care experience.

‘Our team is amazing, and together we are a group of people
helping each other and making our community a better place.’

Connie’s experience with current clients shows the power of building a trusted relationship. She worked with a couple in Falmouth who became wheelchair bound and progressively needed higher levels of care, eventually entering an assisted living facility. Having formed such a strong bond with Connie, the couple asked her to continue caring for them personally even though they’re in assisted care.

“To see them smile and appreciate you, it’s very rewarding,” Connie says.

“We are committed to showing our care and respect for staff. That translates into their devotion to client satisfaction,” says Peter Carey. “Our team is amazing, and together we are a group of people helping each other and making our community a better place.”

All of that reflects the ethos of Homecare Choices, which is passionate about improving the lives of clients and providing an enriching and rewarding work experience for staff. Additionally, as part of the North American Family Institute (NAFI), a highly respected nonprofit human services agency, Homecare Choices is able to provide caregivers with an extensive range of valuable resources and opportunities.

Those interested in joining Homecare Choices as a caregiver may call 508-313-2529 or click the link to apply.