Cape Cod Caregivers: Qualities You Need, Rewards You Receive

Good caregivers have essential qualities that provide job satisfaction and other rewards in equal proportion to the positive impact they have on clients, an increasingly important equation as demand for in-home caregivers accelerates. A story in The American Prospect cites a 2020 report from the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) saying demand for in-home care will increase by 46 percent by […]

Keeping Cape Cod Seniors Engaged & Safe This Summer

In a recent post urging post-COVID support for restaurants, the Visit Cape Cod Facebook page framed the message in this timely, engaging way: “Your social life called – it misses you.” The declaration applies to all of us in varying degrees, and with Massachusetts reaching its vaccination goal, COVID hospitalizations at a historic low, and restrictions being lifted, there […]

Happy & Safe Holidays Are a Bridge to a Brighter New Year

  It certainly isn’t a typical holiday season. COVID is on the upswing across Massachusetts, the cold and snow of winter have arrived, days are short and we’ve all been confined in our homes too long. That sounds like something that Charles Dickens’ Scrooge might enjoy but there have been many kindnesses along the way. […]

Caregivers Can Ease Impact of Winter and COVID on Seniors

Massachusetts is anticipating a COVID-19 surge that coincides with the time of year our aging parents and other seniors find most challenging, especially if they live alone. As colder weather arrives, the combined impact of wintry conditions and the pandemic will leave seniors cooped up more than ever, creating new challenges for maintaining their well-being […]

Homecare Choices ‘Really Cared, Which Gave Us Peace Of Mind’

Families seeking the best care options for an elder dealing with challenges and complexities can find the search for the right situation frustrating, especially when on a quest to preserve a high quality of life for a loved one who deserves more than check-the-box services in the twilight of a long and rich journey. When […]

Keeping Homecare Choices’ Clients and Staff COVID-19 Free

Homecare Choices has not had any COVID-19 contagion and we are working diligently to maintain that positive status for our staff and valued clients, allowing them to focus on remaining at home, on their own terms, without fearing exposure to the coronavirus. While coronavirus cases in Massachusetts have dropped significantly from the spring, and Cape […]

What Home Care Clients Cherish: Caregiver Flexibility

Linda, a longtime Homecare Choices client, has simple needs. A caregiver picks her up twice a week, takes her to dialysis, brings her home, makes lunch, and stays for a few hours to provide assistance and companionship. Helping her out of bed and doing shopping when needed are among the caregiving tasks, which tend to focus on transporting […]

After Surgery, a Caregiver Is a Bridge Back to Independence

Louise still drives at 77 and has been very active—until back surgery slowed her down enough that she considered the possibility of having to move into an assisted living facility. Now, however, she’s looking forward to enjoying many more years at home in South Yarmouth, Mass., the haven she chose after her husband died while […]