Managing the Risks that Come with Age

If you or a loved one is aging, you’ve seen the signs. Balance and flexibility gradually deteriorate. It becomes easier to fall and harder to recover from injuries. Old injuries resurface as arthritis and the prospect of new injuries is frightening enough to leave you less active—but staying active is vital to retaining health.

We also worry about declining memory and reflexes. Forgetting to take medications can be dangerous. It can slip our minds that a kettle is on or we can forget that an electric cord or carpet is poorly placed. Somewhere along the way, driving becomes a demanding set of confusing choices and no longer intuitive and easy to do.

The reality is that this decline occurs very slowly. We are always changing and somewhere in middle age our most nimble physical abilities begin to decline. The process can go on for many decades so we can’t throw in the towel just because we aren’t enjoying the same things in the same way. The gifts of aging can be more peaceful and more deeply rewarding but the physical environment and lifestyle choices we make must support this possibility.

Safety begins at home. Homecare Choices provides free home safety assessments because that is a first step to reclaiming your life. Your home environment must allow for safety and comfort in aging or the little obstacles to easy mobility can quickly become huge problems if unaddressed. Sometimes a home improvement or renovation is recommended and sometimes it’s just a matter of moving a few things around and adding a lamp to a dark corner.

Other small changes can offer big benefits. A healthy diet and a gentle but consistent routine of walking and exercise can extend life, improve mood and memory and enrich your vitality. Sharing a walk or a conversation is an important as maintaining a healthy diet. It is the social diet required by the heart and mind to remain active and stimulated.

Companionship is important, even for a private person who enjoys their quiet space. Help with cooking and cleaning can be socially rewarding and more than merely practical. Social groups and outings bring joy to life. Maybe a yoga routine or mindfulness class. Maybe a lunch date with an old friend or a well-planned shopping trip. Homecare Choices can help you think about the best opportunities for extending life and happiness and we can help you to deliver on your new plan with success.