Our Journey to Home Care

Homecare Choices is part of a long tradition of innovation. Our parent organization is the Massachusetts nonprofit, North American Family Institute, also known as NAFI.

Our founder, Dr. Yitzhak Bakal is a tireless advocate for the power of community and its healing properties. He was instrumental in closing state institutions in Massachusetts in the early 1970s. Many abused and neglected children were unjustly locked up in institutions and Dr. Bakal fought to transition them to home and community settings where they could experience a more independent, loving and hopeful life. NAFI was born from this movement in 1974 and has operated hundreds of human service programs in more than a dozen states since.

Our world continues to change and we see new challenges and opportunities. One opportunity that is clearly emerging is the possibility of longer life expectancies and more active and creative lifestyles as we age. A related challenge is managing the physical and mental effects of aging as we live longer and seek to maintain independence and quality of life. Insurance companies consistently tighten up the scope of services that they are willing to pay for. This contrast of longer life and restricted resources is a looming problem that we will need to face together.

NAFI saw this challenge and decided to get involved in home care. We believe that a nonprofit, mission-driven approach is needed if we are going to put the well-being of clients first. The home care industry is serviced by government systems and for-profit franchises. Lots of good people are involved but how will we raise the expectations for quality of life and innovation? NAFI is a partner from another sector and we have some questions. Why not make a concierge level of personalized care and support the new expectation? Why not invest in prevention and enrichment so people stay home longer and enjoy aging more?

We have embarked on this effort to bring more attention to the little things. More listening, more prevention, more fun and more of the small niceties that make life worth living. This is true at any age, but kindness and comfort can be an especially healing and restorative force as we cope with changes in body and daily functions. We hire for character and integrity. Skills are important but they can be trained. Warmth and a deep desire to be of service are the most important prerequisites for joining our team.

We selected Cape Cod as our base as the aging population is large and under-resourced. We have a vision of something better. That vision is of longer and more joyful life. We are here to stay and we hope you will share the journey with us.