Plan a Special Day

Nothing lifts the spirits like a special day out, but the demands of driving and managing crowds and logistics can be too much. Why not let us sweat the small stuff so you can sit back and enjoy your day?

Give the gift of a Special Day, knowing that your loved one is free to have some fun without the worry of driving, parking or needing to keep up with a group or schedule.

Holiday shopping in Hyannis or Boston? A trip to the symphony or a Broadway show? A special lunch or visit to your favorite place? A fishing trip or game day?

Homecare Choices can pick you up and get you there in comfort and style with the companionship of a caring and trusted member of our team. Bring a friend or allow us to accompany you while you enjoy a special outing or a favorite destination. Not sure where to go on your Special Day? We can even help you identify upcoming events and organize tickets and reservations.

Your day can be planned on your terms and allow for the flexibility that comes with a skilled companion who understands the importance of working with your choices along the way.

Contact Homecare Choices now to create your plan or build a special day gift bundle.

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