A Relationship of Trust

Homecare Choices was created with the intention of setting a new standard in personal care partnerships. We say partnership because it is more than services. Our goal is trust and collaboration with clients and their families. We believe that a service provider who joins you in your home and helps you to navigate your most personal care had better be a trusted ally.

The Homecare Choices team doesn’t simply take the job seriously; we are chasing big dreams and creating new possibilities.

  • We believe that personal care services can feel like a luxury and add elegance and beauty to life.
  • We believe that a personal services partner is something worth having before you need it. It is something to shop for carefully to ensure that you get the best services from people who are capable of maintaining deep trust and caring over the long haul.
  • We believe that it doesn’t need to cost more to care more.
  • We believe that a home care company can operate with a culture of excellence that inspires and unites staff and results in consistent quality from all of its associates.
  • We are guided by a set of values that help us to focus on the differences that define us.

The first of these values appears in our name and that is Choices. Our approach to consultation and planning is to listen and seek as much input as possible. That is the first key to getting it right. We need to know what you like and how we can partner with you to get it. We may be able to provide all of the supports you seek or we may help you find them elsewhere but we want you to get your first choices.

Another of our core values is Concierge Service. We’ve got your back and we want you to know that you can come to us with a concern, idea or question and we will help you to figure out the right next steps. We can adjust plans and services and we can find new resources. We will research solutions to everyday problems or join you to plan something special. We are your partner.

We are committed to excellent Value. Personal care services are not free but the cost of first-rate care and mediocre care is not so different. We will always be straight with you about our costs and we will work with you to keep costs down and focus resources in the areas that are most important to you.

We are in the Advocacy business. Homecare Choices is not just a service provider. We are a nonprofit with more than four decades of history leading social change. We see a lot of room for change in the personal care industry and in the areas that impact quality of life as we age. We are looking for opportunities to offer leadership and influence policy and resources. Your voice guides us and we believe in representing our clients in relation to the social changes that need to occur.

We are also guided by a belief in the power of Community. Human beings are social creatures and we need to belong. At Homecare Choices, we seek collaborative partnerships because the best ideas and innovations come from combining our strengths and resources. We believe in social activity that adds fun and builds relationships. We know that sometimes the best solutions to stubborn problems come from grass roots efforts like a community garden or a volunteer day. People want to help one another and everybody has gifts to share. We make a conscious effort to tap into that potential.

We are on a mission to raise your expectations and then partner with you to achieve something special together. We hope to be your personal services partner for the long term.