Live-In Care

A live-in caregiver may be the best option for those who need a capable, trustworthy caregiver most of the day but do not require constant supervision. In addition to providing necessary care, a live-in caregiver also offers clients and their families the peace of mind that someone is always present, removing any concerns about multiple caregivers coming in and out, or how inclement weather may affect a caregiver’s arrival.


  • A live-in caregiver is accessible at all times during the day, including if the client wakes at night and needs assistance. However, the caregiver is not expected to work around the clock and is allowed breaks. The caregiver may leave the home during this time if agreed upon by the client or the responsible party.
  • The caregiver is responsible for maintaining the home on a daily basis.
  • The caregiver must be provided with a private and comfortable place to sleep, as well as access to a full bathroom, though the caregiver is responsible for providing their own toiletries for the entire stay.
  • Meals are provided by the client/family. If the caregiver prefers something different, he or she is responsible for purchasing this food themselves.
  • If caregiver is responsible for grocery shopping, grocery gift cards must be present for the caregiver to use, and receipts must be kept in a safe place.

Services can include:

  • Medication reminders
  • Household chores
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Toileting & bathing
  • Errands & transportation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Pet care
  • Phone calls
  • Help managing bills
  • Using a computer
  • Managing reliable handyman services and yard care

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