How We Help

When You First Notice the Need

Maybe it was the loss of a spouse or recovery from surgery. Maybe things are just a bit harder to manage than they were last year. You don’t have to wait for an emergency to get help. You can make the choice to add quality and convenience to your life and the lives of those who are most important to you.

When You’re Ready to Have the Conversation

If you are worried about a parent or loved one, it can be hard to talk about your concerns. Use our free Conversation Planning Guide to help you think it through and plan your conversation. You don’t have to come to any conclusions or convince them to make changes. Concentrate on listening and exploring together. Start imagining a better quality of life and then make a plan to ensure that things go well today and down the road.

When You Need Someone You Can Trust

Homecare Choices was developed by the Massachusetts nonprofit, North American Family Institute as the latest expression of a nearly 50 year journey to enrich the quality of life and independence of the people we serve. We take a care coordination approach that gives you choices every step of the way. Whether we are your trusted companion and personal care provider in the home or making sure you have the support you need, we are never more than a phone call (or text) away.

When You’re Ready to Take the Next Step

We want to know your story and help you make the best choices as you look ahead. The initial consultation and planning visit is free. We will send an experienced care leader to you and there is no pressure and no obligations.

When You’re Looking for Value

We work hard to keep costs down and help you access reliable services from our staff pool and trusted community partners. Our services are offered on a private-pay basis and we will partner with you to create a service plan that meets your unique needs and budget.

When Quality Comes First

We are picky about the quality of our staff and we think you should be too. Our hiring, training and supervision structures are rigorous and we will follow up with you often in ways that allow you to give both direct and anonymous feedback that helps us to respond and improve constantly.

When You Have Questions

We know you have questions and we look forward to talking about the details. Visit our FAQ page for some important information that may be helpful as a start. There are some questions that we can answer together and problems that may take research and advocacy to solve, but that’s what we love to do and it will be our pleasure to work on those things as we get to know you.

Professional Carein the comfort of home

We want to hear about your unique needs and help you make the best decisions. We’ll be guided by your choices every step of the way.

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