Caregivers Can Ease Impact of Winter and COVID on Seniors

home care, senior care, winter, COVID surge, Cape CodMassachusetts is anticipating a COVID-19 surge that coincides with the time of year our aging parents and other seniors find most challenging, especially if they live alone.

As colder weather arrives, the combined impact of wintry conditions and the pandemic will leave seniors cooped up more than ever, creating new challenges for maintaining their well-being and a positive state of mind—and that is particularly worrisome for their adult children who are at a greater distance due to COVID.

Moms, Dads, aunts, uncles, and older siblings who typically soldier through the winter may need the assistance and companionship of a caregiver this year, and those already receiving a modest level of in-home care may require an intensification of the care plan.

“As it gets colder, darker and we’re more closed in, we are here for you,” says Peter Carey, Executive Director of Homecare Choices. “For seniors on Cape Cod, having a caregiver who is following all COVID precautions offers peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are safe, well cared for and benefitting from the companionship of engaged, compassionate caregivers.”

Factors and Challenges to Consider as Winter Approaches:

  • The short days and long, dark nights can be very difficult for seniors living alone.
  • COVID precautions, cold temperatures, snow, and early darkness all make getting to the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment more difficult.
  • When loved ones do get out, winter conditions increase the risk of falls and other mishaps.
  • The COVID situation can reduce or eliminate social interaction; as helpers and visitors will not have the benefit of summer light and outdoor space.
  • Even the children of seniors will be limited in visiting to help out around the house, make deliveries, or take Mom or Dad out to lunch or dinner.
  • Holiday parties and other social gatherings will certainly be different this year or cancelled altogether.
  • Winter trips to Florida or other warm places may be less likely.

As a result of these and other factors, our elders will feel a more pronounced sense of isolation. General anxiety and depression are real risks.

Some Benefits of Having a Caregiver in Uncertain Times

  • The well-being of loved ones does not have to depend on adult children alone.
  • When you have a relationship with a trusted caregiver, they can become your eyes and ears and help you to stay connected as you seek to protect and care for senior loved ones through the winter months.
  • Our typical services include companionship, personal care, light housekeeping and meal prep, along with chores and pet care.
  • However, Homecare Choices services are based on their individual needs, so we can cover most things on a family’s priority list.

home care, senior care, winter, COVID surge, Cape CodWorking with Homecare Choices during the winter months can relieve you of worrying about whether parents are safe from the cold, provisioned with supplies and homecooked meals and aren’t feeling isolated. A COVID-safe caregiver can provide good company, warm, healthy meals and maintain a cheerful home when you can’t be there.

Benefits such as those and others are explored in detail in our client/caregiver stories, and reflected in the testimonials Homecare Choices receives.

“It makes it possible for me to maintain my independence,” one client says of our caregiving services.

“They really cared about her, which gave us a lot of peace of mind,” adds the daughter of another client.

“He always provides me with what I need,” a client noted about Peter. “He has never let me down.”

Sometimes groundwork must be done before reaching the point when caregiving services begin producing dividends for families.

For example, the daughter of another client who had a great experience recalled that initially “it was about convincing my Dad that he needed this.” We can also help with weighing options and planning services at no cost.

Those who want to learn more about Homecare Choices and its services may reach out to Executive Director Peter Carey by phone at 508-313-2529, or by email at There’s also a contact form on the website and free consultations are offered.